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photography icon2nd year student project

image preview of movie poster remake

DETAILS: underworld movie poster remake

This was a major project for the semester and was to combine our own photography as well as our photoshop skills. The assignment was to pick either an existing poster and remake it or to create a unique poster.

For this project, I choose to do the Underworld Movie Poster, as I had a model that was the perfect fit for the main actress. I wanted this poster to appear as though it was part of the original series.

Open for Complete Project

photograohy icon3rd Year Student Project

image preview alien gun sketch

DETAILS: Teddy Bear Story 12 Month Calendar

This project was to create a full calendar with a theme of our choosing. For my concept, I chose to take a cute teddy bear and tell a story that goes to a dark place. I wanted to have each photo be in black and white with one item in colour to highlight the month's colour.

Open for Complete Project

photograohy icon3rd year student project

image preview shoe sketch

DETAILS: night photography photobook

For this project, we need to capture photos on a topic of our choosing from a list. I chose Night Photography as my theme. All of these photos were taken around the Hamilton area. I was able to capture these stunning images throughout the project development and over several nights and in the middle of winter.

Open for Complete Project

photography iconfreelance baby photo session

image preview baby photo

DETAILS: baby photoshoot

This is a freelance project for a first baby with his family photoshoot.

Open for Complete Project

photography icon1st year student project

image preview of glamour photoshoot

DETAILS: fashion model themed photoshoot

This was a final project in my first year of graphic design, and my first time learning photography.

The model was asked to wear dramatic makeup and be prepared for multiple clothing changes. This model was also subjected to wind, glitter and bubbles.

Open for Complete Project

photograohy icon3rd year student project

image preview of creative ursula photograph

DETAILS: abstract portrait - ursula

For this assignment, we were tasked with taking a portrait/full body photo and other photos, then using photoshop to combine into a unique scene with an otherworldly feel.

Open for Complete Project