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Remake of Underworld Poster

PROJECT: movie poster remake

DETAILS: underworld - bloodwars

In my 2nd year at mohawk college, we were assigned this project with the objective of creating a movie poster using our own photography (and if remaking an existing poster) typography, icons and logos to fit with the original.

This project had many challenges that were quite fun to work through. I am a fan of the movie series, and my model felt like she had a great look to represent the lead actress from this series. As I learn and grow as a designer, I tend to look back at previous work and see all the things I would change now and dislike everything! Although I am very proud of what I have accomplished with this project, this piece is a top favourite of mine.

ux/ui iconux/ui highlight

mohawk college zoom information page image

PROJECT: zoom information

DETAILS: mohawk college zoom page for
teachers & students

At the start of the covid pandemic, we were tasked with creating a zoom help page as part of the online development team. This needed to be designed to assist teachers and students who had not used or had limited knowledge of the technology and needed added support.

Working with a student developer, I created a series of mockups designed to mimic the Mohawk College website's branding. Using the integrated technology on the zoom site dedicated to mohawk college, we built this page with links to content that would help with the increased zoom use, in class and around campus.

illustration iconillustration highlight

leopard gouache painting

PROJECT: billboard mock up

DETAILS: kodak capture the moment concept

In my 2nd year at Mohawk College, I had to choose a stream to follow. As a life long artist, I chose the illustration stream as I wanted to see how I could incorporate my traditional artistic skills as a graphic designer. It was a fantastic choice, and the projects we were assigned were exciting and demanding.

This project, for example, dealt with using gouache, a medium I had never used before. Another challenge was to capture the essence of the slogan in an image that would convey a specific message in that very short glance a person gives when viewing a billboard on the side of the road. I choose a leopard in a moment of pre-attack frozen forever in a photo to magnify the meaning of "freeze the moment."

motion graphics iconmotion graphics highlight

tangerine commerical student project image

PROJECT: motion graphic commercial

DETAILS: tangerine commercial concept

In my final year and final semester at mohawk college, they introduced a new course, Motion Graphics. This subject was fascinating, and I looked forward to learning to take my digital graphics and creating animations from them. This course introduced me to Adobe After Effects, and I was hooked.

The assignment was to create a commercial using typography, moving graphics and sound effects. I chose to use Tangerine as my inspiration as I love the simplicity of their ads and web presence. Using simple white flat graphics, I created a product that would fit into the family of Tangerine's existing promos.

motion graphics icongraphic design highlight

vitamin bottle concept image

PROJECT: brand group project

DETAILS: re-design series of vitamin bottles

One of my final projects at Mohawk College was the introduction of client work and competition. Our client was Health First. They wanted a series of bottles in their family of products redesigned to entice their target audience. This was a group project; together, we worked to create a new clean design that also incorporated an accessibility element with braille.