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my portfolio

ux/ui iconmy website ux/ui process

image preview of website concept

PROJECT: my website development

DETAILS: mock up's and concept to create my site

As a ux/ui designer, I chose to create my website from scratch. Each page and element is coded and designed by me.

Inside this preview you will find the sketches and mock up used to develop the first and second iteration of my site.

Open for Complete Project

ux/ui iconzoom information page

image preview of website

DETAILS: mohawk college zoom page

After the pandemic sent everyone to working from home, the college had to act quickly and prepare documentation to help new users navigate the installation process and useful tips on the features or issues they may encounter. This was a joint project with a student developer on our team.

Open for Complete Project

ux/ui icon2nd year student project

image preview of coffee app design

DETAILS: coffee app concept

This project's goal was to take a faux client's requirements for a new app design that highlighted the beans and showcased quality photos.

In this project, I did use stock photography to demonstrate the potential look. If this were a real project, I would create the final with custom photography to establish brand recognition and custom imagery.

Open for Complete Project

ux/ui iconmohawk online development project

image preview of coffee app design

DETAILS: sustainability header assets

As part of the online development team, I was tasked with creating imagery to highlight this micro-credential course's topics. These are the Animated Banners for each part of the course. Each one representing my interpretation of the subject being discussed.

Each section of this course was given a colour scheme, and each banner animation uses only that colour palette.

Open for Complete Project

ux/ui iconmohawk college volunteer student project

image preview of coffee app design

DETAILS: hamilton health sciences education website redesign

I was approached by a group of marketing students to assist with a project as requested by the Educational Group of the Hamilton Health Sciences team, bring a fresh look to their website, and utilize social media. This was a volunteer project and was a great experience working with a different program and its students.

Open for Complete Project