Vicky Gibson Portfolio

AIATSIS Case Study


Vicky Gibson, Mia Trdina, Zeenat,

My Role

UX UI Designer and Developer


3 Weeks

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To evaluate the user interface of a government agency's website, harnessing the techniques and insights we've honed in previous classes.

My Role & Responsibilities

While collaborating as a team for the research components of the project, I assumed the sole responsibility for the design and iterative processes. In the role of a UX/UI designer and developer, my tasks encompassed:

  • User Persona Crafting: Compiled data into a comprehensive User Persona, reflecting characteristics, behaviors, and preferences.
  • Wireframe Design: Created wireframes aligning with user feedback to blueprint the interface effectively.
  • Inclusive Style Guide: Meticulously crafted an extensive Style Guide, guiding future development with consistent design principles.
  • Clickable Prototype: Engineered an interactive prototype, translating concepts into tangible user experiences.
  • Iterative Data Gathering: Collected user insights iteratively, maintaining interface alignment with evolving user needs.

In my capacity as both designer and developer, I dedicated myself to sculpting an enhanced user experience that fused creativity with functionality.

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Visual Identity


Colour Palette Inspiration

group of images from indigenous of australia


Proxima Nova



typography example of proxima nova


custom icongraphy based on indigenous symbols
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Our case study journey came with a set of distinct challenges that tested our adaptability and creativity. As a group of strangers initially brought together for a class assignment, we faced the task of building close collaboration in a limited timeframe. Our relative lack of experience in the subject matter of the chosen site added another layer of complexity. Yet, the most formidable challenge was the absence of available users within the tight project schedule, leaving us without direct user insights for insightful feedback and research data.

In addressing these obstacles, we adopted a strategic approach:

  • Effective Collaboration Strategies: We leveraged techniques like daily standups and maintained a Kanban board to enhance communication and keep our project on a focused track.
  • Resourceful User Sourcing: To circumvent the lack of available users, we sought individuals who could provide insights based on general usability principles. These participants helped us gauge the site's intuitiveness and clarity of purpose for first-time users.
  • Leveraging AI Insights: The CHATGPT experience played a crucial role. It enabled us to develop an accurate user profile, mimicking the typical site user. This AI-driven approach enriched our understanding of user expectations.
  • Strategic Persona Development: Building upon our findings and CHATGPT insights, we amalgamated multiple ideas to construct a compelling user persona. This powerful persona served as a guiding light for our design decisions.
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What Did I Learn

The journey through this project has been a profound learning experience, reaffirming the significance of exceptional group communication skills. This project highlighted that user testing at various stages is pivotal. By integrating continuous user feedback, we forged iterations of remarkable quality, consistently aligned with user needs rather than design alone.

Unveiling the delicate equilibrium between good design and an effective user experience was an enlightening discovery. Crafting something both intuitively balanced and user-centric proved challenging, yet the rewards were immensely fulfilling.

In the realm of my daily work, a notable transformation has occurred. Shifting from a graphic designer's lens to a true user experience designer, I now navigate projects with the user's perspective at the forefront. This transition compels me to view designs through their eyes, paving the way for work that not only exhibits quality but also fosters seamless interaction, empowering users to act without hesitation.

As this chapter concludes, I carry forward a newfound dedication to holistic design and an unwavering focus on enhancing user experiences.

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Final Thoughts

As I conclude this case study, my sights are set on a broader horizon. In reality, I see this project evolving into a direct collaboration with the community and site managers. Crafting templates for consistent branding and involving community feedback for iterative improvements is a natural progression.

The involvement of local artists adds an exciting dimension, infusing the site with meaningful imagery. By merging design and community insights, I aim to leave a lasting imprint on both the site's appearance and its user experience.

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