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Vicky Vector Profile

WHO am I.........

I am a Visual Designer.

I’ve had a passion for all things artistic from a very young age, and no matter where life took me, I was always drawn back to my creative side. Despite this, I spent years working in other industries as I didn’t think it was possible to pursue a career which tapped my creative abilities. How wrong I was! I finally decided to follow my passion and enrolled in the Graphic Design program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I am proud to say that I graduated with honours in 2018!

While studying, I was introduced to the world of web design and UX/UI. It was only during this time in which I truly discovered my future career path. During this period, I was offered an opportunity to work for the college within the online course development team where I worked part-time until graduation. The opportunity to explore my creative nature while utilizing my analytical skills to solve new project challenges has been a godsend!

Immediately upon graduation, I was offered and accepted a full time 2-year contract position at Mohawk College as a Digital Media / Graphic Designer. I was exposed to the needs of accessibility particularly in relation to online learning. Accessibility is now at the forefront of my design process to ensure I meet WCAG2.0 standards, while also creating unique, engaging and fully responsive online environments. UX/UI and development felt like home, and I look forward to every possibility to continue learning and growing my skill set.

Now the most fundamental question?

What can I do for you?

In my design toolbox, I offer skills such as illustration, photography, motion graphics, and code development. I can create unique and custom pieces, such as icons, assets and photography which reduces the need for stock products (and their associated costs). With all of these skills, I am able to be a better visual designer. I believe I can be an asset to any project with which I’m engaged.